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Soulcially® Approved:

How would you like Soulcial® Solutions to sponsor YOU? Sound like a deal too good to pass up?

We've got multiple programs that allow us to do just that. Whether it is a single project, a whole campaign or a
constant committment, we would like to be a part of the good things you are doing.
We have two programs whereby you can become part of our Soulcially® Approved network:
                  1. Direct Sponsorship Via Donation: Via this option, your organization can become one of the organizations sponsored via our direct
                     donation pick-lists. Your organizations name will show up in our Treasure Tracker and be eligible for inclusion in the featured picklists
                     at GiveSELECT or any one of our GiveSELECT enabled sites (like Soulcial®Wear or Life isGod!®, just to name a few).

                 2. Become a Soulcial® Worker! (see our whole site dedicated to this concept)
                     Participation in the program entitles the subject organization to the following:
                              - 12 Free Soulcial Worker T-Shirts, which includes the Organizations Logo
                              - Inclusion of brief summary of the Organizations Mission, with associated photos
                                On our Soulcial Worker Homepage
                              - Discounts on all products offered by Soulcial Solutions and its various subsidiaries.

                    Program Participants agree to the following terms:
                              - They agree to provide Soulcial Solutions with at least two (2) high quality photos of organizational members wearing
                                 the shirts while performing their respective non-profit duties.
                              - Pictures should be submitted via .jpg or.gif file to the following email address:
                              - Pictures will be provided to said address NLT 30 days from receipt of Soulcial Worker shirts.
                              - They agree to have their weblink and logo added to our GiveSelect system.
                              - They agree to allow Soulcial Solutions Inc. to use their logo in company catalogues.

                                                                                            Eligibility for Participation:

                            - Organizations eligible for inclusion in the Soulcially® Approved program must be providing time critical,
                               "direct Services" to others.
                            - The Soulcial® Solutions Board of Directors approves all organizations for inclusion in the Soulcially® Approved
                               program. Only Not-For-Profit organizations involved in providing direct services to others are eligible.
                            - "Direct Services" are defined as those functions and/or programs that fulfill a tangible, time essential need.
                            - The Soulcial® Solutions Board reserves the right to verify good stewardship of resources is being exercised
                               by potential member organizations before approving them for program participation.
                            - The Soulcial® Solutions Board of Directors will be the final.
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  • Make the choice to BE part of the solution to your communities most pressing demands.
  • DO take the time to share your energy, creativity and passion to make your community a safer, healthier, more caring place to live.
  • GO and meet the needs of another with a generous heart and loving spirit. So together, we can help make the world a better place.. one person at a time!